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Sian Hospital

About Sian Hospital

  • Zhejiang Sian International Hospital is a large general medical institution, approved by China's Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce and State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and invested by Singapore IMDC Healthcare Group and Shanghai Sino-balan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. It’s officially opened to the public on April, 21st, 2009. Sian is the member of the designated hospitals of Jiaxing Medical Care System and New Rural Co-operative Medical System, the retired officials, and the 120-Emergency Network. It has become an important part of Jiaxing' s medical care and health system.
  • Sian International Hospital covers an area of 200 acres , with 230,000 ㎡of Programmed Building area ,which is capable of holding 1,500 inpatients. More than 600 million Yuan has been invested in the first-stage project, including the Clinical Building, the Medical Labs, the Inpatient Building, the Administration Building, the Popular...[Detail]
  • Address:No.2369 West HongXing Road, JiaXing City
  • 24 hours appointment hotline:18067035811
  • Health screening appointment hotline:0573-82299999
  • [email protected] 2009 Zhejiang Sian International Hospital All Right Reserved
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